Eurocoil was founded in 1995 when its founders had already acquired twenty years’ experience in the field. The company has since grown in quality and quantity thanks to the rational and creative contributions of a staff of highly qualified employees.

Our organization, over the years, has succeeded in offering the clientele its extraordinary ability to recommend solutions for the problems that constantly arise on the market, in addition to providing them with flexibility and technical support.


We can therefore confirm our role as a reliable partner for companies that operate in the sectors of home and industrial heating and cooling, or wherever thermal treatment of the air is required.


Research, quality and service are fundamental tenets of Eurocoil’s business philosophy.
So as to maintain our position at the forefront of the sector and not miss any market opportunities, we continue to invest resources for continuous improvement of the current product lines and to use new materials and technologies.

The organization of our quality control is not focused only on filtering out any flaws before shipment, but also on selection and control of incoming materials, and above all on continuous product and process improvement, enabling us to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards.


We have built our own laboratory where, using special equipment and tools, we test the quality and cleanliness of incoming materials, in addition to ascertaining the quality of the finished product.


A product of quality is one that has been designed carefully and industrialized correctly.

For this reason we always try to understand the needs of our customers and provide our support to them from the earliest stages, even during the sizing of the thermodynamic system, using special selection software for correct choice of the most appropriate solutions.


We also have an advanced 3D design program that enables us to study the dimensions accurately and industrialize the product correctly. All these tools are at the disposal of our qualified and constantly trained personnel. Because we don’t leave anything to chance.


The skill of a company is also measured by its ability to understand the changes of the market and keep up with the times.

Among the strictest needs of these last years, the gradual reduction of lead time has surely played an important role.

On this point we have always been very careful, working constantly on productive flexibility and above all guaranteeing punctuality.


Respect of the delivery times and agreements stipulated with our customers has always been one of the keys to our success.


A product is well-made if it is delivered intact to the customer. Proper packing is essential for this.

We take the time to design it specifically, taking account of the heat exchanger to be shipped, the types of vehicles used and the place of arrival, so as to deliver the product to its destination in perfect conditions.


At the same time, we are aware of environmental concerns and take care to avoid waste, trying to recycle as much material as possible.

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